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"You're making yourself miserable"

I was reading the book Open by tennis great Andre Aggasi the other night and the following passage spoke to me. The scene is at a restaurant with Andre and Brad (his soon to be new coach/consultant) during a particularly slumpish (just made that word up) time in the athlete's competitive career. Things weren't going so well. Here is what Brad had to say:

"You always try to be perfect, he says, and you always fall short, and it f*cks with your head. Your confidence is shot, and perfectionism is the reason. You try to hit a winner on every ball, when just being stead, consistent, meat and potatoes, would be enough to win ninety percent of the time.

"When you chase perfection, when you make perfection the ultimate goal, do you know what you're doing? You're chasing something that doesn't exist. You're making everyone around you miserable. You're making yourself miserable. Simplify. Simplify."


Photo above: Definitely not give "perfect" vibes while working and building a business.

In what areas of your life are you trying to be perfect? What can you let go of being so focused on and just be steady at? What is being good enough 90% of the time was actually enough to accomplish everything you desire?

Photo above: Rain Kessler Photography at B3 Gym. Not perfect at lifting or CrossFit. This kettle bell was only like maybe 10lbs. and I was sore for days afterwards. But I got a great workout in.

Photo above: Not one of my best times for a race, but I was out there giving it a shot. Threw up at the end. Yikes. BUT had a really fun experience with some of my running buddies in Jacksonville.



Live and learn.

Stay well, FitFooters and give yourself a break from the perfectionism that is holding you back from getting stuff done and having fun! You are making yourself miserable.

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