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Yoga for Runners

Hello FitFooters! If you are getting over an injury, looking to find a way to cross-train, or looking for a non-running activity, here is your sign to try or revisit yoga. Here is my argument for incorporating some flow into your life:

Benefits of Yoga for Runners

1. Helps with racing. During yoga practice, you sharpen your mind and focus on being in the moment. This is exactly what happens when you have a great race.

2. It’s a great way to add fitness to your routine without pounding the pavement. Yoga is a perfect pairing to the intense stress running places on the body.

3. It’s non-competitive and you can get “better” with age. You can focus on improving your practice and getting the most out of your yoga time without being preoccupied with PRs or beating anyone else.

In addition to the great yoga studios we have here in Gainesville,

here are some excellent Youtube yoga videos:

Check out the Tonic Channel:

Some of my favorites include:

These are very beginner friendly videos and approximately 25 mins.

Enjoy your yoga journey, FitFooters!

:) Betsy

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