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Tips for having the best time walking with your dog!

How to have the best time walking your dog

1.) remember that this is probably the highlight of their day, so give them a little extra love and attention and let them sniff that blade of grass a little longer

2.) walk somewhere safe from traffic and other potential harms such as tricky trails

3.) dress for the activity - I love these trail/road hybrid shoes from Altra called the Outroad. Perfect for keeping feet dry and supported

3.) wear sunglasses like these Goodrs that are non-slip so they don’t fall off when picking up doggy doo

4.) if it’s very hot or very cold or if there’s salt on the roads use Bag Balm on their paws and a bit on their nose to protect again the elements

5.) respect other walkers/runners/cyclists - choke up on your dog’s leash and stop to let others pass on the sidewalk

6.) bungee laces help make slipping your shoes on and off super-fast to get you both out the door quickly when your dog knows what’s coming!

7.) finish with lots of water and love!


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