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Would you wear these shoes?

One of my best customers (ok, she’s my mom) sent me this photo last night. She bought these from me when I first opened Suda’s FitFoot in December 2018 (she insisted/insists on paying full price - thanks, Mom!). That means these shoes have not only had a birthday 🎂 but probably have well over 500 miles on them (she walks/gardens A LOT!)👩‍🌾Time to get rid of these, she said. I agreed. Picture below is her new shoes she had been “saving”.

She will probably throw away the old shoes because, as she said, “not even a homeless person would want these”.

Well, don’t be too sure, Mom.

My good friend Lauri Schiffbauer, Executive Director of the St. Francis House in Gainesville, FL, a shelter for displaced women and children as well as a community meal center and crucial service provider for folks in transitions reminded me that even a well-worn shoe is appreciated by those who have none.

She brought up the fact that shoes are a necessity for folks to apply for and attend jobs and school.

Shoes can literally take you places you couldn’t go before.

👆🏽 These barely worn shoes (customers had exchanged these for different sizes or colors) were donated to SFH guests earlier in the summer.

If you find yourself cleaning out during these final weeks of summer, I ask you to take stock of your shoes. Are there some you don’t wear much or workout shoes that have had a birthday and/or 500+ miles on them?

Please consider donating them - email me at and we can schedule a pick up time.

If you happen to love all your shoes and don’t want to part with any, but still want to contribute, consider purchasing a gift card from:

your $125 will go directly to purchasing an amazing pair of brand new shoes for a guest of St. Francis House. (Mention SFH in memo box at checkout). You will be helping a small business, a local non-profit, and a very appreciative shoe recipient. 👟🥰🏡

For more info on the work the St. Francis House does in the community and other ways to help, visit

Stay well, FitFooters!


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