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Why running shoes make the best gifts!

Gift giving is always in season, but particularly around this time of year, it feels great to give meaningful and useful gifts to loved ones (and don't forget to treat yourself!)

Here are the top 3 reasons why shoes make great gifts for the holidays:

  1. They inspire the best in folks. Unwrapping a new pair of shoes is like opening a box of possibilities. At the end of the year and the start of the new one, it is the perfect time to reflect on past accomplishments and set intentions and goals for the next season. A new pair of shoes symbolizes a fresh start.

  2. Shoes are the perfect combination of necessity and luxury. We all need shoes. Why not give someone the best? Our running shoes are what Olympic athletes train and compete in. Buying the top-of-the line sports car or waterfront mansion is not always realistic for most of us but getting the best of the best in terms of athletic footwear is definitely within reach!

  3. They are easy to wrap (cover shoe box with festive wrapping paper or use a large holiday gift bag and you're done!) and if for some reason they don't fit or the gift recipient prefers a different color, they have 30 days to do an exchange and as always, we can come to them!

Feel like you have some special people you would like to gift shoes to this holiday season? DM or email us at and we can help find a great pair for you to give!

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