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What does a customer shoe fitting appointment from Suda’s FitFoot entail? 🚚 📦 👟

When you set up a shoe fitting appointment either by calling/texting/emailing (617.877.1861 or 📲 our company goal is to create for you a special process to help you find the very best shoes, socks, apparel, and accessories and have fun and save you time in the process! ⌚️

👟 Start by responding to this email with your questions. I will respond with my best answer as well as a survey link to help assess your footwear needs.

👟 We will set up a shoe fitting appointment (usually takes 15-30 minutes) at a location that is convenient for you. 📆

👟 At the appointment you will get to check out and try on the selection of shoes which has been curated specifically for you and able to purchase on the spot! (We can also do special orders for different sizes and color options.)

👟 Within 1 to 3 weeks after your appointment, be on the look out for some fun snail mail ✉️ from Suda’s FitFoot checking in on how you are liking your shoes and setting up a follow up appointment for 6 months out (if you are running 3-4 times a week and for several miles each time, or if you wear your shoes daily to work, they will need to be replaced after about 6 months for optimum foot health and comfort.)

☝🏼Look how happy Kara is with her fabulous new shoes for work! #makeupartist💄 #onherfeetallday #needstolookandfeelgreat 🥰

I look forward to helping you with all your footwear needs!

Stay well,


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