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Wearing Sneakers to Work

The Ultimate Combo of Comfort and Chic

Hi FitFooters!

Are you looking to upgrade both your style and your comfort level in the new year? Looking to give yourself the self-concept of a FitFooter on the move, dressed and ready for anything the day or your personal trainer/coach throws at you?

Wearing sneakers with your business/work attire is one way to really feel like you are a badass running your day.

Here are a few style tips for getting this look accomplished:

  1. Keep the shoes neat and clean for work. Save them for walking those corporate hallways, pounding the pavement, teaching students, and lunching with clients. Have another pair in which you go hiking and doing yard work.

2. Consider a slip-on option. This gives a nice clean line from your trousers/jeans/skirt/dress all the way to the ground. Shoelaces are also one of the first parts of the shoe to look dirty and giveaway that you are wearing your workout shoes.

3. Elevate another part of your look. If you wear casual shoes, consider wearing a great piece of jewelry, or maybe a tie or a scarf. A great watch (not that running Garmin that you sweat in everyday) and a fun manicure is also a great option - especially if you tend to talk a lot with your hands!

4. Work with proportions. If you have a wide leg pant and sneakers on your lower half, try a more fitted/slim top and vice versa.

5. Pay attention to your sock choice! Wearing sneakers will naturally draw people to your feet. Make sure the socks that they may also notice are uplevelled and visually appealing, as well! (or get some awesome no-show socks)

6. Have fun with it! Wearing sneakers to work can communicate that you value movement, fitness, fun, style, and comfort! Embrace this message and go with the flow and go get after your dreams!

For more style inspo, visit our Styling Sneakers for Work Pinterest board:

Cheers to great style on the move!🥂👟👟

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