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Time for some new shoes?

It’s that time of year again - that unique intersection of time that this year includes pumpkin spiced everything, sweater weather, back to zoom, turning on A/C and heat all in one day.... and new running shoes!!!

If you are looking to spice up your life as well as your latte, check out some of these new arrivals by Altra!

Here is a brief run down 😆 of each style:

Paradigm 5 👇🏽

This is Altra’s maximum cushion and maximum stability shoe, due to its GuideRail and stabilipod technology in the soles. This highly supportive shoe is recommended for over-pronators, which basically means your feet tend to roll in over your arches more than they roll out. Great for walkers and folks that stand all day. Weight: 11.2 oz for men’s , 9.2 oz for women’s, Stack height: 30 mm, $150

Torin 4.5 Plush 👇🏽

The Torin is highly cushioned, neutral, lightweight and responsive trainer suitable for runs of nearly any length. Same premium midsole and outsole as previous Torin versions, but this 4.5 edition is over one ounce lighter. Its new knit upper is also more breathable. This shoe feels like pillows under your feet (but like a good new pillow with lots of ooph, you know?) Weight: 9.1 oz for men‘s, 7.4 oz for women’s. Stack height: 28 mm. $140

Solstice XT👇🏽

This lightweight cross-trainer works well in both the gym and on the run. It has a full rubber outsole and a durable caged upper to make it ideal for CrossFit workouts, lifting sessions, and short runs/sprints. Combines an athleisure look with hardcore performance. Weight: 8.4 oz for men’s, 6.7 oz for women’s. Stack height: 23 mm. $110

Escalante 2.5👇🏽

The sock-like upper, combined with its lightness, breathability, and its midsole combination of AltraEgo and Innerflex materials gives this shoe a soft, responsive feel. Perfect for runs up to 8 miles, tempos, track work, gym exercises, or casual wear. Weight: 8.5 oz for men, 6.9 oz for women’s. Stack height: 24 mm. $140

Escalante Racer 👇🏽

This shoe is made to move! The Escalante Racer is all about speed and performance, and is somehow incredibly comfortable. Its static mesh upper keeps your feet feeling cool and secure. The slightly former sole adds more return in toe off and increases responsiveness for the runner when racing. You can still run fast even if no one‘s watching 😆. Weight: 6.8 mm for men’s, 5.7 oz for women‘s. Stack height: 22 mm. $140

There you have it! If you would like to try on any of the above mentioned shoes - respond to this email and we can get you set up with a socially distanced shoe fitting appointment today!

To order for delivery or shipping across the U.S, visit

Stay well, FitFooters!


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