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The Coolest Running Origin Story

Imagine. You live in the middle of Vermont and attend boarding school in New Hampshire. Your primary sport in high school is soccer and you start running your senior year on a lark. You do quite well for yourself (14:55 for 5k xc in tough New England conditions - think hills, winds, and snow just for kicks). By chance, a former big deal at Nike witnesses your race and makes a few phone calls.

Next thing you know, you are headed to Eugene, OR to run for Coach Vin Lanana and to be part of a Duck Dynasty (the track kind). Ultimately, you will win several NCAA titles and earn spots on two U.S. Olympic Teams in two different disciplines. You will earn a shoe contract and run professionally for several years before turning your skills to marketing and making your mark in the corporate running world by telling the stories of other passionate runners.

This is not a condensed Disney movie plot. It is the (very much abbreviated and glossed over) origin story of Olympian and current On Running Sports Media Specialist Andy Wheating. Learn more about this supremely unique individual both athletically and professionally. Join us tomorrow evening (7PM EST/ 4PM PST) on Instagram live (@sudashoes). Leave questions for Andy below and see you online!

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