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Stop doing what doesn't work! What to do if running is not an option.

Do you find yourself in a position where you would love to get into great shape or move your body how you would like and the universe is just not cooperating? This scenario affects us all at some point in some form or another. This could look like a lingering injury (as is my particular case), life stressors that are affecting your physiology (probably also my experience, quite frankly), pregnancy (not my particular situation, but most of my runner mom friends have stories of their journeys back to fitness after giving birth), or say, a global health crisis (all of us).

In high school, my vice-principal had this quote hanging in his office:

Thanks, Mr. Lamothe. I have never forgotten those words. I am trying to listen to them now. Here's what I am doing to stay active and healthy and have some fun while I let my body do its thing and heal and rejuvenate itself. Let me know what activities you do when running needs to take a back seat!

1. Theraband exercises. So simple. So effective. My PT Dr. Justin Thompson ( gave me a list of these to do this fall and they are so helpful. Here is Olympian and World Champion (3k Steeplechase) Emma Coburn walking you through a slew of great options.

2. Gentle active recovery exercise. This could look like stretching, rolling, R8 Roll Recovery use, Normatec compression boots, toe spreaders. Just like exercise, you can over do it with these things, too. So use your noggin and avoid replacing one over-use issue with another one. For example, I once massaged my calve too aggressively with a lacrosse ball that I ended up with bruises all over my leg. No need for self-harm. Just chill.

These toe spreaders are amazing! Wear them in short periods at first. Your feet will be surprisingly sore at first!

R8 by Roll Recovery. Hurts so good.

Normatec compression boots. One of the more expensive things I have ever invested in, but I use them all the time and my legs feel so refreshed afterwards!

3. Cross-training by doing a completely different activity. Give your body and mind a chance to re-set . For me, this looks like extra time doing a short ballet barre routine. The Royal Ballet has several classes you can watch and join in (I do so at a very adjusted level!). The Cameron Dancenter of Gainesville ( has also been so great in offering weekly Zoom classes, which gives me a chance to connect with my classmates virtually.

4. Replace your shoes, orthotics, sandals. You use your feet all day. They deserve to be comfortable and supported. New gear will make you feel great and feeling great is half the battle.

Stay calm, stay active, stay well! We will be back up and running before we know it!

Take care, FitFooters!


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