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Running & Weddings

This weekend some dear friends got hitched (congratulations, Adair and Brady!). With the heaviness, stress, and sadness of 2020, this event (very small, socially distant as possible, masks, hand sanitizer, open air space, etc.) was a welcome respite.

The happy couple just happened to both be runners (they met at a road race, for goodness sakes!) and many of the guests self-identified as running obsessed (the groom led a group of wedding attendees on a brisk 20 mile run the morning of the nuptials, FYI) the theme for the evening was a very beautiful, romantic, collaboration of two people, two families, and one similar goal.

The unspoken mission of the day was; let’s get these two love birds’ future started off on the right foot (my apologies for that terrible pun).

Wedding and reception took place at Quantum Leap Winery in Orlando, FL. Lovely place and delicious wine! Definitely worth checking out if you are in the area and enjoy wine.

As someone who has been a member of a team for most of her life; whether it be a high school or college track team, a business networking group, a college science department, or a research group, I could easily identify some great team qualities that are strong with this couple and I am excited for their future.

The most obvious quality is the fact they genuinely LIKE each other. As an intentional former housemate of the bride and an accidental housemate of the groom (due to COVID) I saw daily their interactions and appreciated how much they actually enjoyed being around each other. Daily dinners were a lot of fun with these two.

They also have solid communication skills and common goals and they attempt every day to compromise in order for both of them to thrive. Couple these things with the fact they have healthy senses of humors about life and each other, (and recognizing that relationships are not competitions) I’d say these two are championship team material.

I’m a fan for life. We wish you all the best, Mr. and Mrs. Lyden Holmer!

This really cool art was done by @hanmadearts - check out her work on Instagram! Makes great gifts!

Brought a little of the magic of the evening home with us! ❤😊

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