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Running into 2023

Raced a mile today in Gainesville. Wasn’t my fastest, but I can still run faster than I did in high school and any day I can do a 5:23 mile is a pretty solid one in my book!

I’ve done a lot of races on New Year’s Day over the years and here’s why I love the concept:

1.) it’s such a fun, healthy, social atmosphere. So much of adult get togethers are focused around either drinking, or kids, or networking, that it’s refreshing to just feel like you are outside playing with your friends

2.). They usually start at noon to give everyone a chance to sleep in. So civilized.

3.) there’s usually no traffic getting to the race and parking is rarely a problem.

4.) Gets your body moving and working HARD in the new year right away. These races also serve to inspire me to stay focused on my goals for the upcoming year.

5.) Racing in the morning keeps you accountable and (usually) prevents you from partying too hard or too late the night before. And if you do stay up too later, it’s a great discipline exercise to still get up and give it your best. (A nice slice of humble pie is sometimes what we need 🤣).

Hope you all did something you enjoy and that serves future you today!

Stay well and happy new year, FitFooters!

:) Betsy

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