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Loving your competition

How feeling more and thinking less will elevate your performances and your life.

Hi FitFooters! 👋🏼 👋🏾👋🏿

I was just reading from Garret Kramer’s book “The Path of No Resistance: Why overcoming is simpler than you think” and it made me *think* of you all. 🤔 💭

Most self-described “type A” or “results driven” or “ambitious” folks that I have come across love to analyze and solve problems by turning information over and over again in their heads. Sound familiar? (My hand is definitely raised! 🙋🏻‍♀️ 😆). This book turns that notion on its head (literally!)

What if overcoming adversity and solving our personal problems and the challenges of the world comes directly from our ability to think less and feel more? Kramer discusses how insight is more important than intellect and that humans are naturally compassionate and creative problem solvers when we stop over thinking issues and focus more on staying in the present moment.

He also reflects on love and how love requires no thought (any one who is or has been in love can attest! you don’t weigh pros and cons and decide you love someone - it just kinda happens - whether its a “good idea” or not! 😆)

Kramer writes, “we experience love, and express it, without effort. Have you ever watched a person rejoice in victory and felt good inside? Have you ever witnessed someone overcome apparently enormous obstacles and become inspired? Have you ever felt sad about another person’s loss? What you’re experiencing is a divine phenomenon called the “oneness of life”. ”

What does this have to do with improving our running (or physical health, in general)? The non-thinking paradigm works beautifully in competitive settings, as well. Kramer gives a great example of Super Bowl winner Tyrone Keys stating that “during his pro football career he consistently felt love and respect for his opponents. And these feelings did not make Tyrone soft on the field. He was an extremely zealous and, at times, ferocious player. Respect and love fueled Tyrone’s achievement, revealing a level of consciousness that freed him to be his best.”

Wow. What an incredible superpower available to us all. Time to start thinking less. Our health, our relationships, and our output into the world is bound to improve. 🌎🌍🌏

Stay well, FitFooters!


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