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Lets Get Reel

Greetings, FitFooters! Writing to you from a 43 Post Sport Fisher on the water (will soon be working on my fishing cred) in Northern Massachusetts (from where I am originally from) for a short trip to celebrate my mom's birthday (@fitfootmom :), father's day, and to squeeze in a social distancing appropriate vacay with my boyfriend and his golden retriever, Gunney.

While I am unplugging this weekend for a bit, I am also planning and creating content for our upcoming Run Your Life Virtual Retreat and Masterclass set for August 15th. This unique full-day course experience may be an ideal day of unplugging (from your phone, not your laptop - as we will be meeting in on Zoom) for you (or someone you know) if:

*quarantine has been tough on your motivation to train

*you are craving a group to hold you accountable to your fitness goals

*running has been a huge part of your life for some time and are ready to level up and need some guidance to help get you there

*if you have just found running (or rediscovered running) and are looking for a base of knowledge

*you have struggled with injuries and need to work out a better plan to stay healthy

*you believe mental and emotional health is just as important as the physical (we will be talking a lot about your feelings)

*you are often described as "intense/disciplined/bad-a$$ed/hard core" - and it's meant as a genuine compliment - but deep down you know that you have the tendency to over train and are sabotaging real fitness gains.

*you are looking to set aside some time JUST FOR YOURSELF and are curious to see what amazing ideas and thoughts you will create if given a space to dream BIG

If I have just described a part of you, this course may be perfect for you!

Here is what you can expect of the class and retreat:

  • personal emails from now up until the event

  • invitation to a happy hour cocktail/mocktail party the evening before (8.14.20). Drink recipe ideas and recipes will also be circulated. If quarantine has taught me anything, is good ice makes the drink! (kidding, quarantine has taught us all a lot about what is really important: relationships, health, hope, puppies.... all the good stuff!)

  • a customized workbook and journal (never met a worksheet I didn't like)

  • communications and accountability with your fellow participants after the event to not only keep the fun going, but to create an inspiring online team to support you and your goals.

  • an amazing swag box (if I do say so m'self), sent to you in advance of the event

Registration is now open (for limited time)! Spots are also limited, so move signing up to the top of your to-do list!

Then enjoy these coastal New England views:

Went on a lovely run behind those trees.

Rereading parts of Glennon Doyle's book Untamed. So good.

Fishing for bait. This is something I did not even realize was a thing. Learning so much about the fishing.

This photo is from last year - hopefully will catch something even bigger this time!

Transferring my mobile shoe store driving skills from an RV to a Kabota tractor. Thank you especially to the Brunson's of Crafty B'astards Restaurant in Gainesville, FL (try out their fried brussel sprouts if you are a brussel sprout person) who taught me how to back up and park my trailer. Talk about patient teachers! Thank you times million, again!

Stay well, FitFooters! -Betsy

Ok, go sign up now! 😊😎

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