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Let's get a little personal (*as you squirm in your seat)

Hi FitFooters,

Fellow obsessed runners, have a seat. Let’s chat. May I ask you some personal questions?

Ok, good😊

Have you

*struggled mentally with your running?

*felt frustrated with your results?

*constantly compared yourself with others (or to a younger runner version of yourself?)

*found yourself in a maddening injury cycle?

*had drama around running/workouts/races?

*wanted to see just how fast and competitive you can be?

*had questions about nutrition, workouts, race strategy, recovery and don’t know where to start?

*crave a cheerleader for support and accountability?

Keep reading, FitFooters. I have a specific solution for you. A solution that will make you feel:

*supremely confident in your skin

*mentally strong

*lighthearted and excited

*in control of your dramatic tendencies

*supported and led by someone dedicated to helping you achieve your dreams

Wouldn’t that feel amazing???

If that kind of future gets your brain🧠 buzzin’ and your heart💖 hummin’, I want to invite you to join Suda’s FitFoot Faster 5k by Fall program.

This 4 month, one-on-one weekly coaching package, GUARANTEES you will run a 5k this fall, faster, stronger, and with more fun than where you are right now.

That’s right.

If you are not completely transformed by this work, I will give you your money back💸 .

This step-by-step process will help you:

*clean up your THOUGHTS - you will get to see what your brain is doing that is holding you back and how to turn those thoughts around

*uncover your FEELINGS - about yourself and your running, and create ones that serve you

*create an ACTION PLAN - get you from where you are to where you want to go

*achieve the RESULT you want – either the 5k time you want to hit, or some other similar running/life goal

After we accomplish all this, if you are not completely satisfied and are running faster in a 5k by this fall, money back GUARANTEED!

Limited spots are now open to enroll in this program.

Yes, it is expensive ($2k for 4 months, 16 weeks, 16 hours of one-on-one coaching sessions).

BUT for this premium rate, you are guaranteed a premium result.

And once you go through this program, you will have these skills for life.

What is accomplishing your goals worth to you?

Since you are a dedicated blog reader, I am offering this program to you all FIRST before I open it up to everyone else. AND if you sign up today and pay in full – you will get a FREE PAIR of On Running or Altra Running shoes (delivered right to you).

Amazing new shoes to start your amazing new journey!

Here is what some former clients have to say about our time working together:

“Betsy’s masterclass reconnected me with my “why” of running. I used to think my reason for running as just because I needed to work hard at something I was good at. During this class I realized my ‘why’ was much deeper. I craved community, strength, confidence, and peace. Because of the masterclass I have peace in knowing that I AM enough. Thank you Betsy for the wisdom and fun!” -Anne Elise

“I took part in Betsy's Run Your Life Masterclass last August. I signed up for it as soon as I read about it. It seemed like a unique way to merge various elements of topics I am passionate about. I also believed Betsy would put forth a fabulous effort to make the class useful and worthwhile. She scored on all fronts. Super useful information. And we had a lot of fun.” -Lucy

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this therapy? Life coaching? What is the difference?

This is not therapy. This is life coaching. Therapy is done by a licensed medical professional and (in general) focuses on healing your past. If you are struggling with mental health issues, and need a medical professional, I have several excellent referral sources I would be happy to share. Life coaching is forward looking. We talk about where you currently are and where you want to go and your life coach offers you a solution to bridge the gap.

Is this only for 5k runners? Or for “serious” runners?

Absolutely not! All runners of distances and abilities can benefit from this program. The money back guarantee of a faster time by fall is only for 5k races, however.

Whether you run a 5k in 50 minutes or 15 minutes, working on your mind and getting faster and stronger can have just a remarkable transformation on the rest of your life for both groups!

Is this only for women?

This program is open to all genders and abilities!

When does this program start?

This is variable. We will have a rolling start based on each client’s needs, preferences, and schedule.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes. Email Betsy at for more details.

Can we have a consultation call to see if this is a good fit for what I am looking for?

Absolutely! Let’s chat and see what your goals are and if this program can help you achieve them.

I already have a running coach/running program. Does this replace that?

This program works great in collaboration with a running coach/program. F5F will focus on your mind and supplemental aspects of running. A running coach takes care of the daily workouts and the long term plan.

Sound good? Let’s chat. Email to set up a consultation to see if this is a good fit for you. Already know it’s what you want? Go ahead and sign up today!

Visit the link below to reserve your spot today!

For those who sign up and pay in full you will get a FREE PAIR of On Running or Altra Running shoe. Hurry, though – spots are limited!

I am soooo excited to start this amazing process with you!

Stay well, FitFooters,

:) Betsy

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