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💰💰💰”Isn’t life coaching expensive??” 🤔

⬆️ 🤔 you may ask that questions into the great void... and the answer is yes.

☑️ It is an investment.

☑️It is not cheap.

👍🏾But what you are paying for is a personalized path to transformation.

👍🏼Your journey will not only positively affect you running (i.e help make you a faster and happier runner - or your money back GUARANTEED) but will also grow your mind managment skills to improve all other areas of your life, as well.

👍🏾Not only will you benefit from the work we do together, but your family, coworkers, spouse, children, friends, heck, even your dog will be wagging his tail more because you are in a better place emotionally. (Remember: you can’t fill a dog bowl from an empty faucet - I think that’s how the saying goes 😆 🐶).

👟 Spots are available in the Faster 5k by Fall life coaching package where we will work one-on-one to address and remove all the blocks holding you back from experiencing the really cool feeling of racing a 5k faster than you ever imagined.

👟Not only will your physical fitness improve with a tangible result, but you will also gain the extra benefits of mapping out your daily thoughts and practices and only choosing ones that serve you.

🥰It’s mind blowing work with mind blowing results. If cost is the only thing holding you back from becoming your best running version of yourself, let’s chat and see if we can get the accountant in your brain on board with the lion in your heart. 🧠 🦁

🥰Email me at or send a DM to chat.

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