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How to get better at running

Or, how to make friends with running

Here are 4 highly unscientific (but highly personally experienced) ways to improve your relationship with running.

  1. Get some great new shoes (duh!) (we have tons at - shameless plug!) that you a.) love to look at, b.) love the way they feel, and c.) will put on and use for their intended purpose. Our brains are the first thing we need to convince to want to run. The brain likes things that are pleasing to look at and make it feel safe. Your shoes should make you feel this way.

  2. Start by going for a walk (in your new shoes). If that does It for you, GREAT! Just keep doing that! So many health benefits can be gained from just walking, so there’s no need to punish yourself with running, if you don’t want to! Just go see an exercise physiologist or personal trainer for strength and mobility training and you are good to go. But if you crave faster movement, start by running just a little bit every day and keep walking to build up stamina. If you want to run better, run more (as long as you don’t get injured.)

  3. Eat salads for breakfast. This is if you are an evening runner/workout-er. Salads for breakfast help hydrate you and help you get your servings of vegetables in. It can also help you slim down (if that’s important to you) as it is difficult to overeat lettuce and kale. Now, if you run early in the morning, do the opposite- eat something dense and small like chocolate. This is the extent of my nutritional advice. 😆

  4. Leave your drama at home. Running should be a fun thing you do for yourself. No need to place unnecessarily harsh expectations or deadlines on your body. When you are having fun, you usually see much better results.

There you have it! Four tips on how to run (or walk) good! Enjoy!

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