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How often should you get your feet measured?

Hi FitFooters! Let me ask you this; when was the last time you had your feet properly measured? 🦶

Would you be surprised to know that it is recommended you have them measured every 6-12 months?

Here’s why you want to get an updated measurement of this part of your body:

*Feet change! If you lose/gain weight/become pregnant/give birth/become more active/increase mileage/change surfaces on which you workout/grow/shrink, etc. all change the shape and size of your feet.

*Medications and certain medical conditions can cause feet to swell or reduce swelling in the feet and ankles

*Over time the ligaments and tendons in our feet relax and stretch, thus often changing our arch length and foot length and width 😲

The good news is that getting your feet properly measured usually takes less than a minute to do and only requires a simple measuring tool called a Brannock device (see below). The Brannock is designed to give a comprehensive assessment of foot size by measuring the length, width, and arch length of the human foot.

Length: this corresponds to your base size, say women’s 8 or men’s 11.5.

Width: this is the measurement of the distance from your pink toe tarsal joint to your big toe joint. “Normal” width of most shoe is B for women and D for men. Wide for women is D, narrow is A. Wide for men is 2E or 4E (most wide).

Arch length: this is the length from your heel to that big toe tarsal joint. The reason we measure this is to make sure your foot arch matches up with the flex point in the shoe. Go ahead and stand barefoot and roll up to the balls of your feet. That is the flex point of your foot. We want that to match up with the flex point of the shoe. If it doesn’t, it often feels like a hard rod is running under your foot.

If it has been more than 6 months since you had your feet measured, contact us at (617-877-1861) and we can come to you. 🚚 Foot measurements are a complimentary part of our shoe fittings! 👟

Stay well, FitFooters!


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