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"Honey, can't run this show on your own" 🎶

“To all the queens who are fighting alone, baby you’re not dancing on your own”

–Ava Max, Kings & Queens (I just love that song)

Do you believe in yourself?

Do you know what you want to accomplish and have a clear plan to get you there?

Do you have a dedicated cheerleader and coach to help guide, push, and support you?

Does all of what I just described sound like a dream?

I doesn’t have to be. It can absolutely be your reality.

You can develop and strengthen your self-confidence (it’s not just something people are born with or without).

You can learn how to plan for success (it’s not just luck).

You can become an expert on managing your mind (you don’t have to believe everything you think).

You can take direction and coaching and refine your daily life to add up to some remarkable changes (you can create the result and life you desire).

FitFooters, if you are ready for some deep personal work with the goal of seeing real results in your running, and you are looking for a personal invitation to really go for it, here it is!

Enrollment for the upcoming Faster 5k by Fall (F5F) program is now open.

Inside F5F you will get weekly one-on-one coaching for 4 months in preparation for you to become the strongest mentally and physically and HAPPIEST runner you have ever been. Feeling good is so important, folks.

All of this is totally possible and I cannot wait to help you get there.

Click link below for more info, or reach out to me at and we can set up a consultation call to see if this is a great fit for you and your needs.

We will work step by step on your thoughts, feelings, and actions to get you to the results you want.

We will also address other issues like nutrition, recovery, supplemental exercises, and other limiting beliefs you have either consciously or subconsciously that most likely stressing you out and are holding you back from being your highest self.

Sound good? Let’s chat. Email to set up a consultation to see if this is a good fit for you. Know that this program is what you want? Go ahead and sign up today! (There will be awesome swag for all clients, too - just an fyi 😁)

Stay well, FitFooters!

:) Betsy

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