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Here is a (non political) campaign we can all get behind! 🥫🧃🥜🥘 🇺🇸

Hi FitFooters!

On my run yesterday I noticed this Little Free Food Pantry.

It is located in the driveway of the Unitarian Universalist church - a great location for folks to walk to or pull over and discretely donate or receive donations from.

Unfortunately, it is practically empty.

These are some lean times for many in our community and food insecurity is a huge (mostly unseen) issue - especially for children and the elderly.

If you feel so inclined, join me in making a goal to keep this well stocked from now until Thanksgiving (next four weeks).

If you would like to donate directly, the Free Pantry is located at:

4225 NW 34th St. Gainesville, FL

you can also drop off donations at FitFoot HQ:

4444 NW 35th St. Gainesville, FL

you can also donate food when you schedule your next delivery/shoe fitting appointment

or, if you live out of the area, you can Venmo a donation (@elizabeth-suda-1) and I can purchase groceries on your behalf.

Let’s help each other stay well this fall!

Take care, FitFooters!


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