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Give your eyes a rest

Need something beautiful to look at instead of a screen? Here you go!

These two above photos were taken on a hike up Mt. Major in Alton, New Hampshire a couple weeks ago. I had hiked this mountain as a kid with my good friend Renee and returned decades later to experience it with my boyfriend and golden retriever, Gunney.

Gunney the Golden 👆🏽. Shoes: CloudAce by On Running ($199.99)

Getting out and enjoying nature is more important than ever these days. Not only is it a great social distancing physical activity, but

running and walking in nature also:

*provides fresh outdoor air, which has more oxygen than the air in our homes

*gazing at greenery raises seratotin levels *lowers depression *connects us with our primal natures *exposure to sun increases vitamin D levels and optimize hormone levels

Photos taken out of a few runs in northern Massachusetts a couple weeks ago.

If foot pain is holding you back from getting out and enjoying nature and the changing of the seasons, send me a message at and we can set up a time to do a social distancing shoe fitting! 👟🥰

Happy September!

Stay well, FitFooters!


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