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Feeling like you have been benched?

If being quarantined and having to rearrange your life and make some tough sacrifices has you feeling a bit like you have just been subbed out of the game of your life, you are not alone!

Feeling disappointed about lost opportunities and having an impeding dread about possible failures are common in both life and on the field. Head Gator Women's Soccer Coach Becky Burleigh is a master at cultivating mental tenacity and toughness and refocusing energy in clutch situations.

Here she is speaking at the What Drives Winning Conference about her technique of using a Bench Cam to bring opportunities for growth and success in her athletes:

"I see my role as a coach as someone who helps the players separate their identity as a player from their identity as a person and utilize their sport for personal growth, all while aggressively pursuing excellence." -Becky Burleigh

Her former athlete, the great Abby Wambach, has similar advice that we should strive to "lead from the bench"(go to 13:07 in Youtube video below)

Join me on Instagram live (@sudashoes) tomorrow evening (Wednesday, May 6th) at 7PM as I have the honor of chatting with this coaching legend about all things sports, leadership, personal development, and GATORS athletics!

This chat will be great for all athletes and ages! See you then!

Happy running/walking - stay well, FitFooters!


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