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Exciting Announcement: we now carry Saucony shoes!

This iconic brand will now be part of the FitFoot family and we are SO EXCITED!

To celebrate, we will be offering a 10% discount for all preorders placed by Thursday, August 4th.

Below you will see the selection of styles and colors of the amazing running shoes Saucony has to offer. Respond to this blog with your selection or with any questions on the various styles, and you will receive 10% off you entire order! (Shoes will be delivered late August.)

These shoes are perfect for everything from walking your dog, to vacationing in Europe, to training for a fall marathon. Whatever your footwear needs, we can help find you a great fit!

Welcome to the family, Saucony! 👟🥰

Below: Men’s Echelon 8 ($130). Colors: black/white, storm black, shadow/mulberry, and alloy black. Amazing protective shoe. Suits wide range of needs: feel-good cushioning, stable ride, generous but secure fit.

Below: Women’s Echelon 8 ($130). Colors available: black/white, space/razor, alloy/charcoal. Great shoe for walking!

Below: Men’s Endorphin Shift 2 ($140). Feel-good cushioning and SPEED! Great shoe for effortless performance. Colors available: space/mulberry, blue raz/acid, alloy/jade, vizigold/viziers, alloy topaz, black/white.

Below: Women’s Endorphin Shift 2 ($140). Great racing/fast workout/tempo shoe. Colors available: vizi pro, black/white, cool mint/acid, vizigold/vizired, alloy/quartz, powder/scarlet.

Below: Freedom 4 ($150). Ideal for a mix of running, HIIT, strength, cardio, all purpose activities. Men’s colors available: acid/blue raz, sapphire/vizired, alloy/topaz, black/gum.

Below: Men’s Guide 15 ($140). Stability shoe with a guidance frame, softer cushioning, and a pillowy sock liner. Colors available: acid/blue raz, alloy/topaz, black/white, sapphire black, and black/gum.

Below: Women’s Guide 15. Colors available: cool mint/acid, sunstone/night, alloy/quartz, black/white, campfire story, black/gum.

Below: Men’s Kinvara 13 ($120). For speed seekers or folks who want a light as feather shoe! Available in colors: black/silver, campfire story, blue raz/black, vizigold/vizired, alloy/topaz.

Below: Women’s Kinvara 13 ($120). Colors available: black/silver, campfire story, cool mint/acid, vizigold/vizired, alloy/quartz.

Below: Men’s Ride 15 ($140). Soft cushioning, pillowy sock liner, more foam, less weight. Available colors: sapphire/vizired, alloy/topaz, black/white, campfire story, acid lime.

Women’s Ride 15. Colors available: cool mint/acid, alloy/quartz, black/white, campfire story, black/gum.

Below: Men’s Triumph 19 ($150). Colors available: black/white, campfire story, Royal/space, acid/blue raz, alloy/fire, sapphire/vizired, shadow/topaz, black/gum.

Below: Women’s Triumph 19. Super soft shoe. Ultra-plush bed with cloud like lightness. Colors available: alloy, black/white, campfire story, cool mint/acid, razzle/blaze, sunstone/night, shadow/quartz, black gum.

Sizing runs true to size.

Remember: preorder by Thursday, August 4th to enjoy 10% off and free delivery!

Stay well and happy summer!


For a bit of nostaglia... my first pair of running shoes when I started running cross-country in 1995 were a pair of Saucony Jazz (very similar to the pair below - just a version with purple and aqua - I loved them so much!)

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