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Cotton is Rotten 🧦

Did you know that your feet have about 250,000 sweat glands and that these produce about HALF A PINT 🍺 of sweat per day!?!?

If you have sweaty, wet feet, you most likely are not enjoying your life at that particular moment. Remember those days when you stepped in a puddle on your way to school or work? How about going for a run in the summer and feeling and hearing that squishy sound underfoot? Or how about all the times you skipped socks to wear dress shoes and the rubbing of your feet caused painful and annoying blisters? 😝

Sweaty feet literally stink: moisture from sweat breeds bacteria which causes odor (which also brings up the lovely subject of foot fungus - which i will leave for another blog post). Sweaty feet also can turn too hot or too cold (as sweat causes any part of your body to rapidly chill out) 🥶

For our discussion, the best way to mitigate these issues is to pay attention to what materials your socks are made. Look for a pair of temperature-regulating, moisture-wicking socks and avoid materials such as cotton, pure sheep’s wool, or acrylic threads.

Why Cotton is Rotten

Cotton is a great absorbent material - in fact, it acts much like a sponge. This is not ideal for your feet. You want your sweat to be wicked off your feet and evaporate efficiently. Cotton material also tends to stretch and lose its form when wet - which is why you tend to lose your sock in your shoe when it's wet.

Pure Sheep's wool not ideal either

Sheep's wool is a very coarse fiber, nearly as thick as a human hair. This thickness is what causes the itchiness associated with wool clothing. It also absorbs moisture, and contains a common allergen called lanolin. Best keep sheep's wool in products that have liners (like hats and mittens) or in sweaters where you can wear a soft base layer (like an awesome turtleneck! 🥰) underneath.

Acrylic is also no good

These are the fun, festive, themed socks you often find in department stores or gift shops. They are often very cute and can be somewhat effective at keeping your feet cool, however, they're just not the best option for cold weather.

Which leads us to Smartwool Merino Socks

Merino wool is soft, insulating, and has anti-microbial properties. The materials in the Smartwool socks won't make your feet hot or lock in moisture. Merino wool can also absorb up to 30% of its own weight while still not feeling wet and uncomfortable. They are also quick drying and perfect for traveling!


Here are a few great sock options we have in stock at Suda's FitFoot

Athletic Light Elite Stripe Crew (great for all activities or daily wear)

Walk Light Crew (great for walking/standing on feet all day/around the house socks)

Women's Pro Approach Crew Charcoal and Women's Outdoor Light Crew (ideal for wearing with Birks, boots, or skiing, cold weather running/hiking)

Men's Light Pattern Crew (boots, skiing, hiking, house socks)

Women's and Men's Running socks (great for walking and everyday use, as well)

Men’s (although they look great on women, too!) dress socks (perfect for loafers or for folks who like thin socks)

hope that info helps keep your feet dry and happy this winter and spring! ❄️ 🌧 💦 😓

Stay well, FitFooters!


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