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Cheers to the creative rebels!

Cheers, FitFooters! I just made myself a Cape Codder (cranberry juice and vodka) to celebrate launch day of our collaboration with New England based (Boston, specifically) York Athletic.

We unveiled the sneaker collection this morning at our Business Networking International meeting (BNI) and these professional go-getters who workout and also like to go out and look cool doing all three are salivating over these chic and comfy kicks. These shoes are perfect to take you from business meeting to lunchtime workout at a premium gym like Axis Training Studio:, back to work, to dinner and drinks with friends at Crafty B’astards Restaurant:

These sneakers have fit, functionality, and arefashion forward (while still being super chill and neutral).

Some of the feedback we received from this morning‘s fit testers included:

« wow, these look great! »

 »love the leather detail »

 »so light! »

 »unisex sizing is great »

 »how can I keep these clean and looking new?! » 😂

To better understand the ethos of this company and why they are such a great fit (Ha!) for FitFooters specifically and Suda’s FitFoot in general, here’s a super brief history York Athletics:

Husband Mark, a former professional skateboarder (read: cool rebel) and wife Elizabeth, designer (read: cool artist and creative eye) teamed up with a couple friends from college that had experience in the specialized shoe space (very niche!) created an awesome product for the « everyday fighter » and took on the big names in the athletic shoe space.

 »To crack into the sneaker market and take on the juggernauts, York Athletics is changing the rules and competing in ways that the big brands are not. Their shoes are understated, unisex, come only in solid colors with no logos (save for the name “York Athletics” discretely running down the back), and are sold exclusively online (blogger edit: UNTIL NOW!) York’s target customers are as serious about their fashion choices as they are about their physiques, the kind of people who would rather wear a sneaker with little brand recognition and made by a small startup than fall for what a big corporation is hawking » Boston Magazine article by Abby Bielagus, 6/25/2019

how cool, right?!? 👟😎

It’s SO fun to have shoes that no one else does AND that perform and look great! So excited to bring these sneakers to active professionals to FitFooters in North Central Florida (and Suda’s FitFoot North, haven’t forgotten about you - be up there in April, May and July-August!)

to experience this revolution in workout shoes, shoot us an email or text 617.877.1861 and we’ll bring a selection in your size right to you!

hassle free. creative shopping.

Let’s enjoy the freedom together.

Stay well, FitFooters!


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