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Bloody Toenails 🤢

Hi FitFooters! 👋🏽👋👋🏼👋🏾

I‘ve been working on some fun projects this summer that I’m pumped to share with y’all!

First off, I’ve started training for a fall marathon (California International Marathon, CIM, on December 5th) and secondly, my bestie Georganne (who is also racing CIM) and I are creating a podcast discuss our different training leading up to the race as well as highlight other amazing women also racing CIM. We know of a group of VERY talented and VERY interesting women going after some HUGE goals at this race and we wanted to chronicle the experience. We will be talking all things female running, fitness, friendships, and feelings. Our first episode is slated to drop later next week and we are so excited!

Georganne and I outside the Betsy Ross 🇺🇸 house in Philly in August 2019. ⬆️

With all this extra running - I have developed a tell tale sign of a marathon build up - the bloody toenails 😆 😬 😱.

Bloody toenails, or subungal hematoma, is basically what it sounds like: blood clotting underneath the nail. This affliction can occur from either acute or chronic injury: such as dropping something heavy on your toe, or the repetitive trauma of your toes jamming against the inside of your shoes.

Ironically, my toenail bruising occurred because of ill-fitting footwear 🤦🏻‍♀️. I wore shoes that were not mine for a quick run and instantly regretted it. Painful lessoned learned. Always wear shoes that fit, even for short easy runs. Seems obvious, but somehow this was overlooked in the name of completing a run. 🥰

Black toenails often happen to marathoners during training (or in races themselves) because all the extra miles can cause your feet to swell (even just slightly) and can make your shoes fit more snuggly.

To avoid this unpleasant outcome, I recommend having a pair of shoes 1/2 size bigger for long runs/races OR try a shoe brand or style such as Altra that specialize in a large toe box design. The CloudFlyer and CloudStratus by On Running are other great options for larger toe boxes, as well.

The good thing about bloody toenails is that you simply let your toenail grow and the blood dries up and the whole nasty situation sort of rectifies itself on its own. If the toe becomes too painful, however, see your primary care provider and they can drain the fluid and relieve the pressure.

I wish you all happy feet and toes! If you are interested in hearing the good, the bad (but mostly good) and the ugly (feet) of marathoning, head over to Instagram to follow @quick_chickspodcast to see when our podcast episodes are released!

Stay well, FitFooters!


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