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Black Friday preview this Sunday for VIPs!

Hi FitFooters!

It's that time of year again!

Great deals for customers and a chance for small businesses to liquidate some of their inventory before the new year.

In the past, Suda's FitFoot has done Virtual Black Friday events on Instagram and Facebook. Unfortunately, social media platforms often (always :) crash on that day due to super high traffic, causing us all unneeded stress.

This year, we will be doing a traditional popup here at Suda's FitFoot HQ on Friday, November 25th from 10-5PM. With an exclusive Black Friday preview event this Sunday (also 10-5PM) for FitFoot Friends and Family VIP (aka YOU!).

Beat the crowds and come get yourself a great deal this Sunday! If you are not in Gainesville, DM us with your size and we can send you info on what we have in your size.

Come by 4444 NW 35th St for a relaxed shopping experience: we will have coffee, mimosa's and other holiday treats to fuel you to run and shop your day! We will have our famous $99.99 shoe sale, 20% off all apparel, and free pair of socks with any full price pair of shoes!

Look for more info in your inbox this week with shoes for sale (sizes, colors, styles, etc.).

Just to recap:

* Black Friday popup at SFF HQ from 10-5PM, 4444 NW 35th St.

*$99.99 shoe sale (all sales final), 20% off apparel, free pair of socks with full price pair of shoes

*Preview Sale this Sunday for VIPS (you!) from 10-5PM.

*Out of town FitFooters can participate via email (send us your size and we will reply with sale options).

Happy holidays, FitFooters!

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