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An Ode to Mothers and Others who mother us

"All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my mother. " - Abraham Lincoln

Mother's Day is around the proverbial corner (next Sunday, May 10th, fyi!) and these quarantine times have me thinking a lot about moms and those who fill the mothering roles in our lives.

Thank you to all mothering types who are now full-time school teachers.

Thank you to all mothering types who are fighting to keep their businesses afloat so that they can contribute to the community.

Thank you to all mothering types who are using their furloughed time to work on parts of their lives they may have neglected in service of providing time and energy for others.

Thank you to all mothering types who are reaching out as supportive friends and colleagues and offering a kind and non-judgmental ear to those of us who are struggling.

Thank you to all the mothering types who are making sacrifices and tough decisions for the great good.

Mothers and mothering types are often our very first friends, coaches, teammates, and fans.

You help create a world in which can dream big.

Thank you all, we literally would not be here without you. oxoxo

Stay well, FitFooters!

Tell the moms and mothering types in your life how much you appreciate them! (oxoxo @fitfootmom)

Let me know if you need help putting together a creative mother's day gift for the hero in your life!


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