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Add some Sunshine to your life!

Hopefully, you got a chance to catch our Instagram Live chat last night with Chelsea McMillan, founder and owner of Sunshine State Goods Apparel and Lifestyle company. If not, it is up on IGTV for your viewing pleasure!

Here are some of the fascinating tidbits Chelsea shared with us:

  • She has worked for Pfizer, Pinterest, Spanx, and Harpo Studio! On her first day of working at Oprah, she and all her colleagues got a pair of Ugg Boots from Oprah!

  • Her team has banded together and weathered the quarantine storm by relying on excellent customer service, focusing on their one thing: making and delivering great tshirts, hats, and accessories.

  • They make THE BEST MOST COMFORTABLE CUTEST TSHIRTS! (biased opinion, but others have said as much :)

  • She grew up in Clearwater Beach and wanted to create a company that celebrated the beautiful outdoor spaces Florida has to offer.

  • A percentage of every sale goes to support The Florida Wildlife Corridor and seeks to help #keepflwild.

  • Her company started small and grown every year of business (established in 2016).

  • She has tried her hand at stand up comedy! (and lived to tell about it!)

Sunshine State Goods hat, tshirts, and solar long sleeves, are ideal Father's Day Gifts!

A great selection of options are up on Order today for Father's Day delivery. Or treat yourself to your new favorite shirt.

I workout, live, 9feed horses) and sleep in my SSG tops!

Bring some sunshine to your life! Thanks so much for sharing your story with us and for making such a great FL brand!

Stay well, FitFooters!


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