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A New Paradigm = a new way of thinking!

Hey FitFooters! Have you seen and tried on the new Paradigm 6 shoe from Altra? Folks are looooving this shoe for the following reasons:



*guiderail (makes this a stability shoe that neutral runners can run in - revolutionary!)

*amazing cushion

*wide toe box without being too big

*feels fast!

*"not a dad shoe!"

Watch what Olympian Kara Goucher had to say about the Paradigm:

We have several sizes/colors in stock for both men and women. DM to schedule your personalized shoe fitting today or check out Facebook or Instagram page to see where we will be popping up in Gainesville and Jacksonville, next!

Take a look at these cool kicks:

We bring a curated selection to your personalized shoe fitting. You always have options and we can help you find the right shoe for you! We can also do special orders if we do not have a particular color/style in stock.

Visit us online at for more info or email us at

Stay well, FitFooters!

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