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Listen up! 🎧 some fun podcast recommendations

Hi FitFooters! Here are a few podcasts I‘ve been very into lately. I listen to them when driving, going on walks, or during easy runs or home garage gym sessions. Thought some of you may find them entertaining and interesting as well! Such a great selection of choices of stuff to listen to is out there - here are a few of my recent favorites:

Gunney the Golden also very much enjoys listening to humans with soothing voices. 😆

Unlocking Us with Brene Brown

Social scientist, NYTimes best-selling author, TED talk turned Netflix special superstar, Brene Brown’s podcast is here to talk about the ”brave moments and the brokenheartedness” of being human. She loves to talk about the brain and feelings and how humans behave (or misbehave!). I especially enjoyed her recent episode on The Queen’s Gambit (available on Netflix and highly recommend!) and her discussion on professional chess players burning up to 6k calories/day at chess tournaments! These geniuses are like athletes! Check it out it you are into psychology or how to get the most out of your brain or want to understand your feelings better. ♥️

Dolly Parton’s America

Not sure if you all have noticed, but Ms. Parton is having A MOMENT! This “beautiful fountain of goodness” is just what our stressed and divided country needs right now. Studies have shown that not only does Dolly score high (top 10 in the world) on a global Q score (basically what people think about you and your brand), she’s practically ranked #1 for person people have fewest negative things to say about them. Basically, everyone likes Dolly. This podcast (9 episodes string together to form a documentary) aims to figure out why. Is it her hillbilly songwriting background? Is it her generous heart (she has given lots of $$ to help develop a COVID-19 vaccine, she runs a program that gives books to children every month, etc.)? Is it her genius as a performer? Or her wicked sense of humor? Or is it a unique combination of all of the above? Get listening and learn for yourself.

Stuff You’re Wrong About

This unique format has two cohosts: one that has HEAVILY researched a media controversy that has been misunderstood and another who has done zero research and is just coming to the conversation with his or her past experiences with the topic. They cover topics like: Princess Diana‘s life and death, Jessica’s Simpson (my personal favorite - so surprisingly fascinating!), Nancy Kerrigan vs Tonya Harding drama, the OJ Simpson trial, etc. They go so deeply into their subject that you will feel like you took a graduate level class in pop culture after listening. You get lots of info and background on people and events but the hosts handle their subjects with such respect and care that it doesn’t feel cheap and gossipy at all. Very good material on this podcast for sparking lively dinner conversations.

Sarah Marshall is one of the cohosts of Stuff You’re Wrong About ⬆️

Science and Chill

Speaking of graduate level classes, Science & Chill will satisfy your sciency cravings in a way that is very accessible and non-intimidating. Brady is a PhD student and researcher in Cardiovascular health at the University of Florida, but has broad interests in the fields of kinesiology (movement stuff) and physiology (bodily function stuff). Plus, he runs a lot and brings an athlete’s perspective to the conversation. I especially enjoyed the conversation he had with his colleague and friend, Ravi Kumar on Ravi’s research on nitrates and nitric oxide and what that means for humans.

Happy listening, FitFooters!

stay well,

:) Betsy

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