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Kinvara: refers to a village in Ireland, but also a very luxurious shoe!

Ever wonder where companies get the names for their products? The Kinvara Shoe by Saucony probably came after an awesome run here:

Above: Dunguaire Castle in the Irish village of Kinvara.

If you were to go for a run in Kinvara while on a trip of a lifetime to Kinvara, you would experience the perfect shoe if you crave something light and breathable and flexible and a "nimble, peppy feeling underfoot".

Great also for narrow(ish) feet.

Triathletes also take notice: this is an excellent racing shoe - just add bungee laces (coming this week!) and slip on and off! If you want a running shoe that feels like a casual flat (with cushion and support). Men's and women's sizes available and other colors available upon special request. DM to see if this is the right shoe for you!

The Kinvara is Saucony's best-selling lightweight neutral running shoe. It is designed for the runner who prefers a more natural running position in a lighter weight package and features a well-cushioned ride, particularly for such a lighter weight shoe. An awesome fitting, great looking upper is icing on the cake.

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